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★ Roller Derby Star Of The Year ★


And we got a winner!! We received hundreds of nominations from all over the world for the "Roller Derby Star of the Year" 2012 award! We are very grateful and we want to send a big thanks to everyone who helped us with sharing info about the award and finding all these amazing candidates. Our very first winner was nominated by several of her teammates and also by several players from competing teams. She is a true favorite both by players and fans and we think of her as a very good role model for everyone involved in Roller Derby. A big hand of applause for our very first "Roller Derby Star of the Year" winner:

Name: Sofie Norheim
Derby Name:
Sofie Norheim
Number: #159


Nidaros Roller Derby (NOR)


"Why do you feel this player deserves to be crowned Roller Derby Star of the Year?:

Our beloved Sofie Norheim definetly deserves an award for everything she has done for roller derby in Norway. She is the reason why Nidaros Roller Derby is functioning as well as we are, she's a member of 4 committes, and she does a lot of unappreciated work. She always puts roller derby first, and she works day and night doing roller derby-things that has to be done, even though she is a student. She's attending all 3 of our advancedpractices a week, she's both a coach for advanced, but also coaches fresh meat on fresh meat-practices. She is one of the reasons we have such a kickass boutproduction and gets 500 people to come watch our bouts. Even though it seems like she's very focused on her own team, that's not he whole truth, because she is constantly working for roller derby in Norway. She want's the sport to expand, and are often helping other teams around our country. Almost every descision she makes, she is thinking about roller derby in Norway and not just her team. She is our contact person in to the world, and has contact with all the other leauges in Norway as well as getting us awesome boutopponents. Last but not least she's one of the reason why NRD now is an WFTDA Apprentince League. She simply clears the path for any other team that want's to come along. And btw, she is a fantastic jammer!"


The Prize:
The winner of this award can pick any object he or she wants from the shop / web shop. He or she will also get a fixed discount on all products bought in the web shop in 2013. The winner will also get a nice gift pack from Roller Derby Star with Derby training cloths and a nice framed "Roller Derby Star of the Year" diploma.

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